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Vaporizers provide a more efficient and convenient way to consume cannabinoids that is healthier than smoking, but just as satisfying. Think of loose leaf tea: the tea leaves release flavour and caffeine into the heated water. Vaporizers work in a similar way: by heating up the plant material, they release plant compounds in the form of a smokeless vapourPAX vaporizing technology is designed to unlock the active compounds in plant material at low heat, releasing ingredients like cannabinoids in a smooth, flavourful vapour. Go smokeless with leaf or concentrateThe PAX 3 vaporizer is intelligent, intuitive and instant – a dual-use portable vaporizer for loose leaf and extract. It has a compact design, with a highly polished metallic finish available in four colors that will withstand bumps and scratches. It’s simple to use: the PAX 3 vaporizer has one button and an LED indicator showing power and temperature. It is also durable: built to last with the highest-quality parts and medical-grade materials, and backed with a 10-year warranty, PAX 3 is a vaporizer you can rely on.Equipped with a high capacity battery that can last up to ten sessions, the PAX 3 vaporizer is designed for efficient and long-lasting use. It has four heat settings so you can adjust your vaping experience, and the deep oven gives consistent heat and optimal vapour production. And since you only need to wait 15 seconds for the oven to heat up, you hardly have to wait before the enjoyment begins.What’s in the box?The PAX 3 takes vaporization to a new level, giving you much more than the PAX 2. When you buy a PAX 3 vaporizer, you’ll get everything you need for an epic experience in one box:The PAX 3Concentrate insertTwo mouthpiecesTwo oven lidsThree screensCharging cable and dockA maintenance kit and multi-toolFiring up your PAX 3You will need to charge your PAX 3 vaporizer before you can use it. Plug one side of the USB cable into the charging dock and the other side into a computer. Place your PAX 3 device on the dock. The white petals will pulse to show it is charging; it is fully charged when all four petals are lit and stop pulsing. When your PAX is switched on you can check the battery by shaking it gently – the white petals will indicate charge.Take off the oven lid and use the concentrate insert, or pack the oven firmly at least halfway with your loose leaf material using the multi-tool. Replace the lid. Refer to the PAX 3 user guide for detailed instructions.Try out both mouthpieces to see which you prefer – they’re easy to change. Press the centre of the mouthpiece quickly to switch on your PAX 3 vaporizer and wait for the pulsing purple petals to turn green. It will only take 15 seconds – a fraction of the time it takes with the PAX 2. And there’s no more waiting between draws – your PAX 3 vaporizer will be instantly ready.The PAX 3 vaporizer has four temperature settings so you can customize your experience – just press down the centre of the mouthpiece for two seconds while the device is on and the petals will turn from green to yellow, orange and then red as the temperature increases. You can exit temperature mode by pressing down in the middle of the mouthpiece or shaking the device.Cleaning and maintenancePAX 3 works best when it is residue-free, so clean it regularly, using the maintenance kit provided. Use the wire brush for heavier cleaning or the pipe cleaners for lighter cleaning. Remove the mouthpiece and scrub the vapour path using the brush or pipe cleaner. Remove the oven lid during cleaning.

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