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The Crafty vaporizer is hailed as the best small portable vape on the market. Looking for a small, durable, stealthy and above all effective portable vaporizer? The Crafty is what you need! It’s a Sensi Seeds staff favourite, integrating high-end tech features with classic usability to give exceptional value for money and hours of vaping pleasure. Crafty by name and crafty by nature, it is the must-have gadget for on the go cannabis use. Compact enough to easily fit into a pocket or small handbag, the Crafty delivers clouds of vapour usually only achievable with tabletop vaporizers. It features the solid construction and ergonomic design that have made manufacturers Storz and Bickel the premium name in vaping, with a range of features that cater to the needs of the most demanding user. Intelligent design and efficient use The Crafty vaporizer is cased in tough, durable plastic with non-slip grips. The mouthpiece swivels for use or storage positions. Together with the slimline design of the one-touch, single button control and temperature indicating LED, this ensures that the Crafty slips smoothly from hand to bag without snagging (very useful for truly crafty use!). The top section clicks and twists off for filling the chamber. Storz and Bickel demonstrate their understanding of their field once again with the inclusion of their new filling tool with every Crafty. Medicinal users suffering from muscle spasms or arthritis in their hands will absolutely benefit from this smart accessory. Looking similar to a grinder, this tool is actually a combination of a funnel and a tamper. Click them apart, screw the funnel on to the chamber and fill with your chosen vaping material. Then use the tamper to gently pack it into the chamber. No more wasted crumbs of plant material, and far quicker and easier to achieve a perfectly packed vaporizer than using your fingers! Battery power and charging If you’re looking for the best vaporizer to take to a festival or on holiday, the Crafty is a perfect choice. The Crafty runs on a single lithium-ion battery which provides 30 - 45 minutes of continuous use from a 2 hour charge. The battery is charged via a USB cable, which comes with a country-specific wall adapter. However, one of the Crafty’s best features is that it can be charged from any USB point that delivers 1.4 amp or above, including computers and power banks. One charge supplies enough energy for around five full chamber loads. However, thanks to its heating and cooling technology, there is no need to fill the chamber completely to make the Crafty work. This also enables a more economical use of vaporizing material. Temperature and other controls The Crafty has two pre-set temperatures. Press the button once for 180 degrees centigrade and twice for the ‘booster temperature’ of 195 degrees centigrade. If these temperatures don’t suit your needs, fear not – you can change them. To keep the size of the Crafty to a minimum (it’s about the size of a packet of cigarettes), Storz and Bickel dispensed with the temperature and battery life display screen that features on the Crafty’s big sister, the Mighty. So in another ground-breaking innovation, the Crafty has its own app for Android phones with a Bluetooth Low Energy chip, and iPhone 4S and above OS. Using a Bluetooth connection, you can reprogram the temperatures via your phone and even alter the brightness of the indicator LED. Once the correct temperature has been achieved the LED turns from red to green and the Crafty vibrates twice. The LED also flashes blue to indicate battery charging (full details of all the LED status indicators are found in the Crafty instruction manual). Several Sensi Seeds staff have Crafty vaporizers, and very much recommend them as durable, easy to use, and super effective. Get yours today! Specifications: Height: 10.92 cm Width: 5.59 cm Depth: 3.30 cm Weight: 136 grams Heat output: 27 W Included with the Crafty Vaporizer: Quick start guide Detailed instruction manual USB charger and country-specific plug Cleaning brush Concentrate pad Replacement O rings & screens Filling tool/funnel Grinder Three spare screens

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